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New horror feature Stupid Games now streaming on the app: Mometu.

A seemingly banal night of board games and sexual tension goes haywire when secrets are revealed and malevolent forces are unleashed.

I play Stanley, a socially awkward (inept), pure of heart handyman who gets unknowingly roped into the evening's supernatural chaos.

Stream for free here! 


This February I produced and starred in a production of Steve Martin's Meteor Shower at Playhouse West. 

In this absurdist comedy, I played Norm, a open hearted, adorably naive optimist who gets his marriage pushed to the breaking point by dinner guests who have ulterior motives. 

Check out production photos here!


Four idiots on a heist, a shit ton of neon colored lube, and a Gimp in a quaint Scranton, PA porn store. What could go wrong?

In this action/comedy short I play Wolf, the charismatic leader of a motley heist crew. He's trying to pull off one last job before leaving his god awful hometown of Scranton, PA. Where to? Florida. Obviously. 

Hometown Boys was accepted into over a dozen festivals and won Best Comedy and Best Action in several among others. 

Watch here!

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